daily life

On the boulevard

All the plants and flowers out on the boulevard parading around like prostitutes. The girls around here all painted and up close they look old. Old faces on young bodies… (the bodies can catch up later) Only the dog is sincere and the man with the blue eyes who has work to do. Read more →

They were following me

I went to the police station it was my first time in a long time a different world one that movies and books didn’t prepare me for. I was waiting behind her They were following her. Who should she call? When THEY followed her? what if she was on robertson and they followed her? and what about doheny? what should… Read more →

cleaned out

I am clean out of fabulousness you have to be ruthless to be fabulous and you have to brush your hair. It takes a certain amount of motivation that I can’t seem to muster it right now. there are too many cobwebs too many to bat down Technorati Tags: fabulous Read more →