when I was in pre-school my best friend was John Jeramiah, besides singing \"Jeramiah was a bullfrog\" to him, my other favorite game was airplane crash. We would take off all of our clothes and wrap ourselves in plastic from the dry cleaners and wait for the medics to remove our bodies. We played this on the same day that we saw jesus in my closet and he spanked me with a potato masher.

On the boulevard

All the plants and flowers out on the boulevard parading around like prostitutes. The girls around here all painted and up close they look old. Old faces on young bodies… (the bodies can catch up later) Only the dog is sincere and the man with the blue eyes who has… Read more →

small pond

My dad had big ideas about who he wanted to be who he was, deep inside He also felt small… Read more →

daily life

swimming with the alphabet letters all around I find the ambulance in the sink I find some other strange things… Read more →

cleaned out

I am clean out of fabulousness you have to be ruthless to be fabulous and you have to brush your… Read more →

Contrast Girls

Contrast Girls One speaks in swimsuit fashion terms. One says her name is Jane. One reveals pitfalls of self-abuse in… Read more →

Feeding Frenzy

We used to be like sharks at sephora enjoying the high blood and lipstick all strewn about then there was… Read more →

good looking

There are some good looking people in LA. I don’t mean people that look good, I mean people that are… Read more →

1st doctor visit

He was good natured and dignified despite being undressed weighed on a scale and poked in various places. He has… Read more →

He is here!

I painted my toenails blue and waited for the portal to open. when he arrived I stopped remembering everything that… Read more →


Bagel Cream cheese Lox Chopped liver Cheese blintz With apple sauce And sour cream Pastrami sandwich Russian dressing Tuna on… Read more →