5 years ago in Dallas

We all bought boots the same. I got a skirt that was for hopped-up club kids. We sat in the hot tub and almost got ourselves killed In various ways At the steak house he wouldn’t stop doing cart wheels Or speaking French, even though no one could understand him. She made a girl cry at the table. The girl… Read more →

I wish they would stop using this word

Main Entry: 1in·sur·gent Function: noun Etymology: Latin insurgent-, insurgens, present participle of insurgere to rise up, from in- + surgere to rise — more at SURGE 1 : a person who revolts against civil authority or an established government; especially : a rebel not recognized as a belligerent 2 : one who acts contrary to the policies and decisions of… Read more →

good bye

Accidents, beautiful and brutal, lucky and unlucky. A convergence of chemicals and physics, and of circumstances. Of carelessness and beaurocracy and events so powerful that they tug backwards into the deep and the very old. You lived so passionately and made it look good to me to be older than I am. I am sad to see you leave so… Read more →

old days in New York

Sleeping train Train of thought Train of sleep I look back at 5 heads bobbing Isn't this terribly funny? Can't you see how funny this is? Today I got on the train It was dead time So it was just me and the man talking to himself he was dressed in Red, white and blue flithy dirty and blathering as… Read more →

what about ken?

In a 2003 issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology, two Seattle radiologists described a 35-year-old man with severe abdominal pain but normal vital signs, who was found to have “multiple” heads from Barbie dolls lodged in his small bowel, which he attributed to his pursuit of the pleasurable anal sensation he gets from excreting them. After a straight-laced description… Read more →

5 (that is all)

first dominates green, the hand without birdlime, wihout a cap, the easy going sand, the salt, then the promiscious tortoise, the indolent eye, the microphone beating on the abdomen, last responds to woodworm, the doubled stakes. The incessant gum. The finger dipped in oil and albumen, wrapped in sugar paper, nailed to the top of an apron. If one wins… Read more →


If an acute slowness were skin, gusts of leaven mastiffs blue ointment of the rebound, if ones face were white and it's color were to die in the leap, oh yes, exception, in wrinkle and nose, in the diligence of song, in the sudden, in fear that the unfillable distract the ear from the swarming and often millstone of the… Read more →


Here is the mute substance of path, cutting not knowing, desolate cotton on a twig, heart in suspense and wax of encumbrance, and heres the arrow of the seam, pregnant, uphill, here's the interrupted hostage, the fasting, the mallow with feighned eyes. here the indian is defrocked, theft adjacent, the varient thrust back in chimera. Read more →


we were having dinner He says to his 7 year old ” now it is time for you to go take a shower” which is met by a “whaaaaaaaa why do we always have to go by YOUR rules????!!!!!” “Because kids need someone to take care of them” Pause “if you want to see what happens to kids that don't… Read more →


and so crockery, Licorice, swim so spine of egg, so ambush, and then a lampost that nurses, fountain of glue and puncture of cut, and still this squatting of excess, this pinocchio-kneecap inciting the skimmed belly of your death on spread wings, steep in voice, in the void of doubtful thoughts and reprisials of blowgun and fox. If it discolors… Read more →


in the shape of an unharmed almond, of a yellow sponge of a magnet dissolved in a bestairy, in the obscure meanderings of a dagger, in the indolent eye of theft, tongue of exile swarms against the wind. you angle you wheel you chord of mirrors you fortunteller and you transvestite are in labor. -author unknown (I wish I knew) Read more →

He made my day

It was warm so I went and layed down in the hammock and closed my eyes. After some time it began to sway. A stranger was pushing me. He pushed me and sang. I looked at his eyes beaming out over his cherubic cheeks. He was so pleased with himself. His name was alex, his mom told me that, and… Read more →

I know, I know

“I buy water at the liquor store across the street from where I live. So I'm walking into the door, and standing, loitering, outside the door is a man. And I walk by him to go in and he says [in a clenched, abrupt voice], 'I want pussy!' Now, I don't want to seem conceited or anything, but [rolling her… Read more →