Ten things about me that you may not know or have done

1. I used to be a fashion designer.
2. I drove from Istanbul to Bodrum and picked up a hitch-hiker named Ali-Baba.
3. I lived in Madrid for a year.
4. I lived in Dumbo before it was fashionable.
5. I used to have a 1965 Peugeot 403 ( I rebuilt the engine myself, while I was on acid, and put it in a new body)
6. I learned to use a hammer, drill, jig saw, record player, and sewing machine by the age of 5
(I put in my first zipper that year, it didn’t look good, but it was functional).
7. I got kicked out of my all girls high school in the middle of my sophomore year.
I never graduated. I did, however, graduate from college cum laude (after sneaking in).
8. I used to be a junkie.
9. I used to have a bad reputation.
10. I have a good reputation now.

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