Last year at this time…….

It was all about cheese and joy

I was just beginning my mission in Charleston, was part of the team and we were feeling strong from weeks of hard physical training. She left along time ago for other horrible missions. I am almost finished now, perhaps by Tuesday with only a few details to sort out. I feel unfit and undersocialized. My home is disorganized and messy, but then again, I have a beautiful boyfriend there, that I had looked everywhere for and is exactly what I wanted. I want to go to the desert, I want to lounge around with my love and with my friends, I want to read Martin Amis; new book, I want to listen to my music collection which I compulsively burned onto 200gigs of firewire drive, I want to paint my toenails painted blue, I want to be scrubbed clean, I want a little steam on my clothes, I want a little sugar in my bowl.

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