Something I never told you about

I went to an AA meeting once.
It was called “midnight madness” or something like that.
It was on Housten just west of 6th avenue in New York.
Anyway, I was waiting in a long line to use the bathroom and the guy at the front of the line kept letting all the girls in front of me go ahead of him.
Until it was my turn.
He went in and stayed in for a very long time.
Finally a child raced past me and flung the door open to reveal the man sitting on the toilet. Before I realized what was happening I had made eye contact with the guy on the toilet. Then the guy started screaming at the Mother of the child to get her child out. I looked at him and then I looked at her, she was making a motion that was something like, “I am not going into that timy bathroom with you sitting on the toilet even if it is to get my kid”. The kid then shut himself in the bathroom with the strange man. I heard the man yelling at him and then the door opened again. I mistakenly made eye contact with him AGAIN and then burst out laughing. I had to walk away, I couldn’t bear to see him come out. So, I walked away…. Hysterically laughing and took my seat. My friend kept asking me why I was laughing, which would cause me to laugh even more, I couldn’t stop for the next hour and I am sure every one though I was drunk.

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