5 years ago in Dallas

We all bought boots the same.
I got a skirt that was for hopped-up club kids.
We sat in the hot tub and almost got ourselves killed
In various ways
At the steak house he wouldn’t stop doing cart wheels
Or speaking French, even though no one could understand him.
She made a girl cry at the table.
The girl said she had only been in Dallas
For 20 minutes and already she was crying.
We were all appalled, but we laughed anyway.
Later that night, when
the sun was rising, we headed toward New York.
(Or maybe she went to New York and I went to LA.,
I can't remember)
Surprised to see the Limo with the disco lights
Pull up, we laughed and laughed and played music.
She tore open the rest of her steak and ate it with her hands.
We had not slept.
Now, I am in a strange suburb, starting up again.
It is cold and it feels the same in some ways.
But, things couldn't be more different.
I wear the boots with the heels worn down and hold my body
like hers when I walk into a room and want something from people I don’t know.
I get strength like that from her.

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