Monthly Archives: March 2005

good looking

There are some good looking people in LA. I don’t mean people that look good, I mean people that are good to look at. People who are on all kinds of trips. People who are depressed and people who are on antidepressants. Not Prozac or Zoloft, but good old fashioned drugs like thorazine. Drugs that make people shuffle. Drugs that… Read more →

1st doctor visit

He was good natured and dignified despite being undressed weighed on a scale and poked in various places. He has gained over a pound since his birth and the doctor assured us that he did like us even though it is hard to tell for sure. The three of us went to Pink’s to celebrate, and sat outside in the… Read more →

in my sleep I bacame stuck

Dream: the door was closing, I put my fingers in the grate to hold it open. As it closed in closed down on my fingers, I thought for a moment that they would be cut off, but it stopped just as it was getting tight. I stood there shouting for help. No one could here me. Words like door: Access.… Read more →