Monthly Archives: August 2002

Blood Letter

I was at a carnival unlike any I have actually been to. So much was going on, it was romantic and seedy. There was something wrong with me, I was sick. I was weak, delirious really and my head hurt. A women helped me, she found a place for me to lie down and got help. The bloodlet-ter came, he… Read more →

Invaded by souls

“…but I'm always being invaded by others' souls so I can't see my own soul very well” -Shuntaro Tanikawa One night you fall asleep with an ungiven kiss on your lips, you fall asleep in your kiss. It is like sending yourself on an all night errand to interview echos about where they think they're coming from. Where did it… Read more →

tonight at friends

Blamm, blamm, blamm Slow motion, we all hit the ground Lights off Boys peering out the window to the street Girls finding the phone Calling Hearts beating 5 minutes later police arrive we go outside across the street someone is dead I drive home all shaky, helicoptor above Read more →

poor sweet kitty

Something is wrong with my kitty Roxy. Her abdomen is swollen so large that she is walking funny. I am waiting for lab results, which will not come till tomorrow at 10 am, they were supposed to come at 10 am today. She is such a great spirit, I hope she pulls through. Read more →

not answering

It is hard to get the door now that I have gone to pieces. It is like being undressed. Wait, wait one moment let me get a towel, let me get some glue. It is hard to get the phone too. People might hear my fragments, like gravel and sand. I have turned the ringer off. Read more →

"ching" "ching" "ching"

The red “brake pad” light went on in my car the other day. I wish instead it would just cut the crap and the light would say “twelve hundred dollars” just to get me used to the idea that my wallet was going to bleed. In fact, I wish that in every situation a light would come on and tell… Read more →

bunnies, bats and stars

The other night I lay in a saltwater pool in the dessert. The wind was hot and the sky was clear. I lost count of the stars somewhere after one-hundred. Earlier I had been playing “bug-watch” and had rescued many bugs from the water including a beetle that kept hurling itself back in. I had also got out and ran… Read more →