Monthly Archives: March 2003

Panties in a knot

“Hey, I just wanted to tell you, that you should fix your underwear, I know the VIP's are coming and all” this is how my PA warned me of my little problem, he also offered a bit of advice ” you know they have the hip hugger kind, that are really low” motioning with his hands “they are made for… Read more →


In the shape of an unharmed almond, of a yelling sponge, Of a magnen desolved in a bestiary, in the obscure Meanderings of the dagger, in the indolent eye of theft, Tongue of exile swarms against the wind You angle you wheel you cord of mirrors And so crockery, licorice, swim So spine of an egg, so ambush, And then… Read more →

back in LA

There are people at my gym who work out wearing sunglasses. Charleston already seems like a little blip that never really happened, A short chapter that doesn't really belong or move the story along, except for all the good love and the good seafood. My work is consuming time and energy at an alarming rate, but I am feeling lucky.… Read more →