Monthly Archives: February 2003

I saw things everywhere I went

Tuna tartar on sesame chips Are you enjoying your visit here…. Or are you working? -Working. A tiny little crab cake Where are you from? -LA And 18 oysters Do you have a boyfriend that comes to visit you sometimes? -Yes Does he come outside sometimes to smoke -Cigars And he dresses…… different? And takes pictures of funny things. -Yes… Read more →


Day and night, no difference. The sun *is* the moon: An amalgam. Their gold and silver melt together. This is the season when the dead branch and the green branch are the same branch. Nightmares fill with light like a holiday. Humans and angels speak one language. The elusive ones finally meet. Good and evil, dead and alive, everything blooms… Read more →

Last night's epiphany

I don't HAVE TO like everyone especially people that I don't like I don't even have to like or pretend that I like Certain members of my family Whom by the way have nothing to recommend them From now on it is no more Mr. Nice guy And furthermore…… I have purged my phone book of all of the people… Read more →

Charleston Valentine's Day

We stood in the check out line kissing The check out lady was saying “now innit soooo cute…. And on valentine's day and all” and then I could see all the ladies looking and I turned and said to the crowd “this is my boyfriend and I love him” they cheered and then I said “he is visiting from LA… Read more →


A full moon poised above the sea Makes the face of heaven radiant And brings to hearts that are apart The poignant pensiveness of night I blow out my candle but it is just as bright here; I put on my coat but it is just as cold. So I can only read my message to the moon As I… Read more →