Monthly Archives: June 2003

He hates to be woken up

So I very quietly tried to turn on the fan Which was impossible because the settings were High, really high, and super fucking high I flipped the switch and he groaned In that middle of the night cranky “it is hard to sleep with a helicopter flying up your ass” Then, I could not stop laughing (I am still laughing) Read more →

time is strange and long

Novemeber 27, 1999 The plane he was flying crashed into the Columbia River It killed him and his three sons Before His little triumph motor bike broke down at the bottom of the hill Right in front of my house. I let him borrow my tools. He vaguely recognized me, But he was happy for the help. He owned the… Read more →

Today I saw:

The apartment building that a plane crashed into (accidentally) An old polish man buying cranberry juice with food stamps, 3 dollars and 57 cents. He paid the 57 cents with the last of the coins in his hand. He had a small boy with him, About 5 years old. They met up with an old women, I saw them walking… Read more →


I work all the time I drink a lot of coffee I don't sleep much I don't get to see my boyfriend enough Or kiss him enough I miss my friends I miss my garden Last night I was awake between 3 and 5 thinking And petting my cats at 4:24 am I ate an almond croissant with a load… Read more →