if you are ever in LA

I will take you to my gym
it is full of beautiful gay boys work out in packs
and greet each other with enthusiasm and kisses.
I overhear them asking each other things like
“are you still dating Lou Diamond Philips?”
the straight guys (who only look gay)
hog the mirrors and lift while talking on their cell phones
my favorite is the nice lady
who is always seen in four and a half inch platform shoes
and a halter top, hair pebbles style.
She lies on her back in the boxing ring
holding onto the rope and stretching her legs above her head
and then spreading them so that each platform shoe lands above her shoulder
then she flips over and does a slow chineese splits…
sometimes I see her in the step class, mesmorized by herself in the mirror
which always seems to be from the movie showgirls
everyone is disgusted and jealous


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