eligible bachelor # 2

I have decided to approach this date as if I am interviewing a PA for a job. I have interviewed potential employees in restaurants before so I can almost believe this and feel calm and relaxed. I have a job to do. He is fun, funny nice. I am not attracted to him in the least. I think he senses this and tries to up his chance by telling me how skilled he is….. in as a lover. It turns out he loves to give head. I recall a person from my past who made this claim, it was all true, but I immediately remember how much I regretted getting involved in with this
person in that way. It was not worth it. These tactics will not fool me! I change the subject he changes it back. He traces the letters of the alphabet in the air with his finger while saying them, he tells me this is what his tongue does on the clitoris, he will not stop until she is satisfied. I am getting tired. He looks so young, how can he be saying these things? I get tired and go home. I am not dating this guy. Head or no head.

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