Monthly Archives: June 2002

Where is my ass?

I used to have an ass, now it seems to have redistributed itself to my waist. Dear God, please give me my ass back. Or bring me an even better ass, A shelf ass or a bodokidonk ass, or a nice ghetto ass. Thank you, Asses: White ass Lard ass Bad ass Sad ass Hard ass Cheap ass Skinny ass… Read more →

dating, all it has cracked up to be

After 8 years of being in a monogamous, at least my side of it, relationship I imagined dating as an exciting barbie-esq ritual where boys named brad would pick me up at my townhouse in their red two seat convertible. Me at the barbie townshouse standing ten heads high with my feet in a perpetually flexed position, they would pick… Read more →

games people play

when I was in pre-school my best friend was John Jeramiah, besides singing “Jeramiah was a bullfrog” to him, my other favorite game was airplane crash. We would take off all of our clothes and wrap ourselves in plastic from the dry cleaners and wait for the medics to remove our bodies. We played this on the same day that… Read more →


It is as if there‚s a part of us that's asleep. That needs to be awakened. So what if we went to sleep to the place where we make our dreams and found out what our fears are that prevent us from waking up and making our dreams come true. T sent this to me. She is the best Read more →

Bachelor #6 date 6

We end up at big foot lounge does not help matters by discussing nakicty at great lengths and outlining all of the good places to “make-out” in the neighborhood. That crazy cupid. So we have fun, and kiss against a wall in a back alley. Yes, It was hot. Read more →


Ventura: Anyway, the reason you're with this certain person, this certain lover, is not about love, or at least it's not about “having a good relationship”. You're with this person because your soul is hungry for them, your soul is seeking something with or through them, and it will insist on what it wants. It doesn't care what price YOU… Read more →


Hilman: the thing is that two people do go to love for safety, safety for their vulnerability. Both people want to be vulnerable, but as long as you're open and vulnerable nothing is safe. They want safety for their vulnerability, but because of their vulnerability they can't be safe. Read more →


Squeeze onto wet pouf, work into a rich, creamy lather, then rinse. Damn these instructions made me laugh hysterically. I read them while taking a bath. Then I blew bubbles underwater for about 30 minutes. My, was it enjoyable. I was completely absorbed in the sounds, the water, the vibrations, the breath…. Then I started thinking how, if someone could… Read more →