2 hours in the DMV this morning.

I sat waiting for my number to be called H6083.
Every 5 or 10 minutes I hear a loud screech. I assume these are the driving students taking their examinations, I make a mental note to not get hit by one of them on the way out. A cop walks by talking into his cell phone “I just have to fill out these stupid forms”. I amuse myself by leaning up against the measuring stick on the wall. With my shoes off I am 5'8″, but I am pretty sure this is wrong, I have always been 5'7″. I will take the inch if they will give it to me. An over grown ganster/rapper is having his picture taken and tries to take it with his hood up, pulled tight around his face. I giggle and we make eye contact. He takes the hood down and has his picture taken, then he strolls up to me, and takes my hand and kisses it . He looks at me still holding it and says “Senorita, you are very beautiful” I say “thank you” and he turns and sort of curtseys to all the people sitting and watching because there is nothing better to watch. When he leaves, I look out at a bunch of people smiling back at me and it is kinda sweet.

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