Monthly Archives: November 2002

In the Dark In the dark It's just you and I Not a sound Ther's not one sigh Just the beet of my poor heart In the dark Now, in the dark, in the dark I get such a thrill When he presses his fingertips Upon my lips And he begs me to plase keep still In the dark But soon This… Read more →

The custom of chaos

My mission has been trying. I feel like I am in a foreign land where everyone does everything a different way. The wrong way. 170 means 173. There is no proper chain of command. No one takes responsibility. I am swimming up-river, pulling along a little barge that is getting weighed down by more and more tasks and other people's… Read more →

Secret Agent Loverman

I walked up to the fish and they looked at me, five koi, huge and blowing kisses, they seemed so happy to have an admirer, trying to swim right through the glass to me. This weekend I had my toenails painted a beautiful blue. They are tiny portals and they are calling for him to come through the blue sky… Read more →

heat & speed

I have become intimate with pain lately: shooting pain, throbbing pain, aching pain….. And this is just my back. Poor back. There is also the pain of my current mission, which seems to be blocked by evil forces at every turn. As my mission partner Pivo put so aptly this morning “they are fucking us from every direction” . It… Read more →

cheeseus christ!

Somehow I found myself standing in front of a table of cheese at 1 am Saturday night in Charleston South Carolina. Actually, there were two tables about 3 feet in diameter heaping with cheese and fruit. Five like-minded individuals seemed to appear and descend on them at the same time. We were positively reveling in cheese. I asked someone to… Read more →

The facts:

I am in love, So happy and hopeful And I am leaving tomorrow On my mission With a heavy heart So very sad I have memorized him The curve of his bottom lip His scent, I can hear him saying… And tears have arrived all ready Even though we agreed To wait until tomorrow Read more →