Playing is good fun

It was like when you where a kid on the playground and another kid came up and said “will you be my friend and you were like excitedly “YEAH!”, and they where like “Let's play!” and you were like “OK. LET'S PLAY”.

And that is how it was with this charming fellow Jason who played with me for two days. The first night we went to the playground at two am with Axel. Who was a mighty fine play-mate in his own right. On the bridge between two castles Jason collapsed and I couldn't tell if he was writhing in pain or joy for a while with all the strange noises coming from him. It turned out he was laughing, but he couldn't remember why. Then Axel and I played car crash, one of us would “drive” the car, steering the big toy steering wheel and the other would sneak around and spring up in front of the car, let out a giant scream and flail his arms and legs and pretend to be broken. At the end Jason became a possessed human beat box and I did a little dance.

It was all good.

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