The sight of Blissqueen being so thoroughly dominated was almost as shocking as her behavior afterwards, when she tenderly wiped the blood off of Bachelor #13's cheek as the two answered questions.

Bachelor#13 said he never worried about Blissqueen biting him or committing a foul to change the outcome of the fight.


Round One: The fight kicks off at a tremendous pace, with both fervently eating sushi and trading blows at close range.

Round Two: #13 opens up on Blissqueen with a flurry of hooks and the stunned Blissqueen has to go on the defensive.

Round Three: The quietest round of the fight, with both seemingly lacking the intensity and energy of the early rounds. #13 unloads at the end, but is caught hard by Blissqueen.

Round Four: Bachelor #13 enjoys his best moments at the start of the round, marching toward Blissqueen and landing shots to the body. Despite having an incredibly comfortable looking bed, and being a witty conversationalist, he is unable to floor the supposedly sickly and vulnerable Blissqueen.

Round Five: Like the first three rounds, this period contains some ferocious exchanges. Bachelor#13 is now the aggressor, kissing Blissqueen with his trademark flurries in the middle of the cemetery. Blissqueen reverts to the smart boxing style which she utilized as an amateur. Her southpaw jab keeps #13. off balance and the pond makes their feet stinky.

Round Six: The tempo increases during this round. #13 fires a three punch combination to rock Blissqueen, first with fajitas and cute little umbrellas, then a video art show where Blissqueen attempts to try and headbutt #13 and the referee is forced to step in but both fighters avoid punishment. #13 resorts to much holding and kissing in the second half of the round. #13 is warned by referee over holding, raising worries he faces possible disqualification if he continues to foul Blissqueen. But he enjoys complete domination thereafter behind a superb series of jabs.

Round five: After the fireworks of the last round, things calm down a little in the ring. #13 looks like he is taking things relatively easy. Blissqueen looks a forlorn figure even though her trainer tells her to “give it all you've got” and to “blow bubbles all over the place”. #13 lands fierce head punches from both sides as he stands below the “hello girls sculpture” with a contemptuously low guard, looking for the combination which might end the fight while walking on water. As #13 pushes her around the ring, blissqueen can do nothing but make peanut butter sandwiches and serve sake.


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