cheeseus christ!

Somehow I found myself standing in front of a table of cheese at 1 am Saturday night in Charleston South Carolina. Actually, there were two tables about 3 feet in diameter heaping with cheese and fruit. Five like-minded individuals seemed to appear and descend on them at the same time. We were positively reveling in cheese. I asked someone to pass me some of the “hard-ass” cheese and they thought I was pronouncing some obscure variety “haudoss” and then we all laughed and ate more cheese. It was a veritable cheese orgy. One person would try a cheese and scream out in exhaltation, and then demand that everyone try it, and everyone would.
I forgot all about it until today, when someone I thought was a total stranger exclaimed
“it was fun eating cheese with you the other night”
and then I felt a bit strange, thinking “oh my… he saw me doing that?”

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