Monthly Archives: December 2002


The 8:30 am voice from outside the bedroom door said rather than asked “Do you want me to eat breakfast alone”. He held me and whispered “This isn't really a vacation for you is it” And I know he understands. Now, I want to rearrange my belongings, light candles, burn incense, put on the music, take baths, and generally lie… Read more →

You go little 240Z!

Part 3 of a 3 point turn that I am doing on a tiny cobblestone street at night in downtown Charleston. I see the 240ZX in my rearview mirror and come close to hitting it, apparently I am not the only one or perhaps I am just the only one that didn't hit it. With it's side all bashed in,… Read more →

Things happen when it is raining

I bought a radio controlled clock today. It refuses to be controlled, it just ignores the signals. Tonight I took it for a drive, hoping it would loosen up, relax and have some sort of communication. It was stubborn and paid no attention, it just announced arbitrary times. I tried to explain that time was a coordinate that very seldom… Read more →

Today is my day off.

I am more relieved that happy. I have had a headache for 3 days. Last night after working for 14 hours I wanted to go into an isolation tank. I brought a bag of chips to bed because I didn't have dinner and then I woke up in the night with one hand in the bag, my mouth full of… Read more →

Organique Tampon de cotton pur

Dioxin is bad, coochies are good. I don't understand why anyone would put bad dioxin in a perfectly good coochie, and this is why I always buy organic 100% cotton tampons. Today, in fact, I picked some up at the health food store. Funny thing is that the tiny box of tampons is about the same size as my cell… Read more →

Saturday Lunch

In a big circular banquet Veuve Clicquot Mussels Escargot Lobster salad Crab cocktail 2 dozen oysters, 1 dozen beau soliel, 1 dozen blue point hands touching across the table we like the same things… some parts inter-changeable our alchemy with it's wild potentials of summation and cancellation…. More then I ever imagined I watch him show his ID and walk… Read more →