Things happen when it is raining

I bought a radio controlled clock today. It refuses to be controlled, it just ignores the signals. Tonight I took it for a drive, hoping it would loosen up, relax and have some sort of communication. It was stubborn and paid no attention, it just announced arbitrary times. I tried to explain that time was a coordinate that very seldom could be arbitrary, at least not to me. Defiantly, it persisted in announcing times in completely different time zones. Well, I went to dinner, leaving it to itself in the car.
Spicy tuna (of course), Crab cocktail, salad with Roquefort, fois gras (which was more like shredded duck), espresso and Pot de crème. The waiter was getting more and more nervous waiting on me, and therefore stuttering more and more, and making mistakes. I didn't know why and I didn't care, I left half the food there after I ceased to be able to breathe due to extreme satiation.
When I left it was raining. I like the rain, I thought about how MUCH I like the rain and how I was raised on rain and how a good storm means everything to me. Things happen when it is raining. Driving home I saw the waiter who waited on us the last day my sweetheart was here. He was walking home in the rain, in his too large white suit jacket with the sleeves hanging down and the shoulders dwarfing him. I see him a lot, but he never sees me. I wonder where he is going and I feel a little sad for him.

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