airline dis ass ter

Badly designed airplane
Weight of head leaning over, works to balance ass
Hovering over seat, so as not to touch
Staring at the floor, I see the leak coming in fast
I wonder if we will have to make an emergency landing
Before the whole plane floods with its on sewage
I should warn them
Then I realize, I am peeing on the floor
The toilet seat I now realize is larger then the
hole itself, and not only that, the front part that
Begins before the seat ends, is a nice gentle curve
Down to the floor, which I am now, wads of paper towels
In hand, I am considering how to clean up.
Best to just cover the area with paper towels and run which is what I do

Back at my seat the stewardess announce
“Please be aware that the garbage can is directly to the left of the toilet
And not on the floor”

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