Monthly Archives: May 2002

I salute you with my lips

Since I will be graduating high school soon, I think I should start making out with boys. Just kissing. Remember when kissing was so fun? When all it meant was this? Main Entry: 1kiss Pronunciation: 'kis Function: verb Etymology: Middle English, from Old English cyssan; akin to Old High German kussen to kiss Date: before 12th century transitive senses 1… Read more →

make an offer

I want to define for myself the nature of my relationships. I have caused myself a lot of frustration trying to get certain things (inspirations, closeness, fun) from people who are not capable. I am trying to recognize what people have to offer and enjoy it and also acknowledge when people lack what I want and need and seek those… Read more →

6th date with bach #3 (may 26tth)

It seems that we have moved clearly into the friendship only zone. We went to the farmers market. All of those people and vegetables were a little overwhelming. He had a bizarre interaction with the mushroom lady; they were hostility flirting, which I couldn't really figure out, except that it creeped me out. He introduced me to her and she… Read more →

breakdown, no

I went to Portland and it was oh so beautiful and I didn't have a breakdown. No I didn't breakdown. Not like the last time, or all the times before. I didn't shut down either, no I didn't, I think I opened up. I went on a run and thought a million things. I ran and ran And thought about… Read more →

Bachelor #6 (may 15th)

I adore him, he is incredibly smart and sweet and has a wide base of knowledge and humor that covers many of my references and goes beyond. Lovely mouth and cute accent. He put his hand on my foot and I couldn't tell if it was by chance or on purpose. It was sweet either way. He is not boyfriendable… Read more →

Eligible bachelor #3

I pick him up, because I don't want him to pick me up. His place his nice, he is cute. I like him immediately. We go to a show, he is thoughtful and smart and fun to be with. When he whispers to me at the show and we touch slightly it feels nice. He tells me things about himself… Read more →

eligible bachelor # 2

I have decided to approach this date as if I am interviewing a PA for a job. I have interviewed potential employees in restaurants before so I can almost believe this and feel calm and relaxed. I have a job to do. He is fun, funny nice. I am not attracted to him in the least. I think he senses… Read more →

riding club

After the last cataclysmic train-wreck of a relationship, a mere few weeks ago, I decided to get right back on that horse and ride. I was once told, after being thrown from a big beast at age 7 and while contemplating getting back on, that if I didn't the fear would grow and it would be that much harder to… Read more →