Bachelor #11 NYC

I have having a ridiculously overpriced meal with friends and am nervous about my date. He is different then the men I have dated as of late. Very different. This is the first date that I am this nervous, somehow I feel like I have something to prove. I feel like he is olivia newton john in grease or something. Anyway, my girlfriends drop me off, we are riding in a limo so I have it pull down the street so I will not look like such a clown. He is perfectly nice, I can't really tell anything because I keep thinking of all the things I want to be doing in New York, all the things I want to be doing simultaneously right this minute, this minute I am sitting with him, wondering what the hell I am doing with all this dating and how crazy it is to think that maybe there is this person, and you just have to find them, but there is really no one way for certain that you will recognize him, so he could really be anywhere, and if you are not careful you could miss him and that would be it, your one person, missed.

I digress. He was very nice and smart. I seemed to amuse him, he laughed at the appropriate places, he didn't make me laugh, which is important. He had some good stories and somehow we got on the topic of.. have you ever been in a situation where you thought you had had it, that this was it? The end? He told this great story about being pulled out of a truck by an angry mob in Africa. He said he felt a sense of peace, that he couldn't get out of it, a sort of sense of wonderment “so this is the way I go?………”.

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