Long live the new flesh

I wonder if everyone's brain is being modified by TV and I am being left behind. Somehow missing the same visual syntax as everyone else. Vision as a second language. I stopped watching television when I was 12. Maybe I was pissed that it wasn't giving me as much attention as I was giving it, that it refused to know me. Maybe I was pissed because I wanted something real. Flesh, Soul.

A few weeks ago I watched Videodrome and stayed up most of the night. The next day, not having had enough sleep, I began to hallucinate just slightly and only in my right eye, my right hand got tingly numb and so did the right side of my head. I decided to go out to dinner anyway, thinking that at least if I passed-out my friends could take me to the hospital Meanwhile, I worried that it was in fact Videodrome .And soon my belly would become a virtual late drop box for some bizarre movie rental shop.

Finally I was overcome by a tremendous pain in my head and realized thankfully that it was just a migraine and not Videodrome or an aneurysm.

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