Bachelor #13 (date #1)

It has gotten this bad, my problem…..
We sit down to eat at Vida, we look at the menus, I barely know him, but I say
“I want sushi” to my delight he agrees even though it involves going all the way to the valley. It feels like that moment when you find someone that is both handsome and will go cop with you. All of the sudden you are on a mission… together. We will go to any neighborhood, wait for hours in the rain. So, we went. He is a bit of a snob… and we are going to the sushi place I suggest, “My drugs are better” I seem to be saying.
I am feeling all this pressure hoping it will measure up. When the food comes we are both in heaven. He approves highly. Things are good. He is also French. I can't decide if that is good or bad.

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