My probation office might even turn me in.

The prosecution was very close to a conviction. It was a mystery and all the facts where coming to light. I was being questioned harshly.
“Is it not true that you did miss blissqueen choose someone to be the one? Your one?”
“yes” I mumble with my head down “this is true”
“And is that one in this courtroom today”
“Please point to him miss blissqueen”
I look out across the courtroom and see him there with his present girlfriend. She is dressed in that way people dress for court, so that they will look respectable if they get called on. I note that her dress is too big.
I point at him not wanting to.
There are whispers across the courtroom and I feel ashamed.
The judge slams down his gavel and says to me in a condescending voice
“you see miss blissqueen, you have already chosen your one. You have relinquished all rights, you do not get to choose another”
Everyone begins filing out and I know that I will be in grave trouble if I persist in trying to find the one.

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