Bachelor 13 / dream date for real

Everyone has left, the movie is over, we lay down in the grass kissing.

It is dark, we are wading through a pond in the cemetery, it is thick and smells like sulfur. We are giggling and I feel people telling us “shhhhhhhh”, but we are having too much fun. We are running across the grass past the tombstones. An old black and white movie is playing, it is a comedy and everyone is laughing. He tells me he can see my ass crack and I ask Harrison if this is true, he says it doesn't matter because he already saw it in my swimsuit. He begins kissing me and it feels lovely and unexpected. There is sushi all over the pillows, and it is getting in my hair which is blue. Everything smells like spicy tuna. We can not stop giggling, he puts berries all over my face, laughing makes them fall. Charles is saying half happy for me and half scolding me

“Well, you both seem to have the same temperament”.

and all is sweet and good.

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