Bachelor #15 / Could this be the litmus test?

Round One
He is 6'3″ and I had visions, if things worked out, of being able to freely wear any shoe that pleased me with out regard to the height, even though it has never stopped me before.
I know that this is not the best criteria for judging a potential soul-mate, but these are desperate times.
I was coming down with a cold and not all-together sensitive or as sensitive to the signs of a grave mismatch as I should have been. The first sign was that when I brought up
Vinnie's tampon cases
he showed obvious signs of discomfort and changed the subject before I even got to tell him about the cool songs.

I agreed to go out with him again because of his pretty blue eyes, but his discomfort bothered me. Later I ran this by Pivo and she said “what is he gonna do, send you out to the menstrual hut every time you get your period?”

I thought perhaps I was being harsh so I tried out this topic on another male friend and he said something about Americans being uptight about these things and sent me this ad.
He also said he loved Vinnie's tampon cases and was going to buy the cd. So there.

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