Bachelor #15 / "Sorry I didn't send you a call sheet"

Round #2

About a half an hour before we are supposed to meet he calls me asking for directions. This is after he has had me e-mail the address and info to him no less then 3 times.
I should have said then at that moment ” let's just forget it”, but unfortunately, I didn't.

If it wasn't going badly enough right out of the gate, he said that Memento was much better then Mullholland drive. After asking me why I liked it, he interrupted me with unrelated thoughts non-stop until I gave up, which didn't take long. Not only did he not get it, he had no interest in getting it.

Despite what I thought was our obvious “failure to gel”, he kept making goo goo eyes at me and calling me sweetie. I wasn't feeling very sweet.

We were going to check out the Basquait show and a few galleries at Bergamont station.
He commented mostly on the prices of the art, which he knew because he asked for a price list at every single gallery. Apparently, his entire knowledge of Basquiat came from the film. Thanks to whom he repeatedly called Julian Snay-Bel . I finally blurted out “it's Schnable. Here is the thing, I like to consider myself a fairly sophisticated woman, but I understand that this is a sort of precarious and malleable thing for me, so I really need the man that I date to hold up his end of the deal. Otherwise, I fear it will be back to the ol' trailer park and World Federation wrestling for me.

At the video installation he kept trying to snuggle up to me on the viewing benches. Clueless to my growing hostility he kept going into the dark empty rooms and hanging out in them just waiting, like I was going to jump at the chance to go make-out with him.
I finally just poked my head in and said “what the hell are you doing?”

We had planned on lunch and I finally told him that I was hungry, it turns out he was not.
Perhaps that is why he had no opinions whatsoever on where we should eat. He also had no opinions on my suggestions of where to eat except a vague non-approval.
I have dated people with out opinions before and learned that this is a bad thing.
Then he suggested that we drive around and look for a place.
Separately? I think.
It was 3 o'clock, I was starving and I was pissed and I could not hide this fact.
He was not showing me a good time and it is clear that he never could.

I couldn't get out of there fast enough and though he made reference to it, it didn't stop him from trying to kiss me goodbye… twice.
The misunderstanding left me angry and feeling dirty. After a good scrub, I wondered like peaches.

“what motherfucker is gonna step up”

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