This morning it was -1 Celsius

I bought my gas in the bad part of town.
Where you can not use a credit card and you have to pre-pay.
I went inside and told the man behind the plastic window that I wanted to fill my
tank, but I had no idea how much it would cost.
As I was telling him I was thinking about the two people who were shot to death right there 6 weeks ago. I wondered if they were his relatives or his friends. I wanted to tell him how sorry I was,,,, then he said “it is okay, I trust you”
and I wondered how he could trust anyone.

When I came back to pay, the women in front of me was buying a pickle. I said “pickles for breakfast?” thinking I was making a joke and she said “at least it is something”
Then I had to pay with a hundred dollar bill because that is all I had and I felt ashamed to be so lucky.

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