Happiness is Yours

I just want you to know that happiness is yours. It's yours and it's
coming. Soon. Through this job, or this experience. Well, not
absolutely exactly…Through the passage of time. Through integration
in the world. Through your own spirit and endeavors. Happiness is
an inside thing, not an outside one. It's not about circumstance, it's
about orientation. I know that's over simplified, and environment
can leak all over us and make us miserable (if not exactly overjoyed…).
But still, one day you're going to look in the mirror and all the Moms
And Step Moms and Bitter Shooters and Threatened Bosses and
Catty Girls and Meathead Boys and all that noise and fuzz and
interference will fall away. And you'll look in the mirror free of all
that distortion and you'll see yourself clearly, maybe just for a moment
because it's a really hard thing to do, lord knows I'm no good at it.
But there will be a moment, a moment soon, and you will be lucid
And you will look at yourself and, in seeing yourself clearly, you will
know your own wonder and magnificence and you will be so thrilled
by what you see there, at first you won't even recognize it as you.
You will think you're looking through a window perhaps, seeing some
magical girl you couldn't recognize but wanted to meet, you'll realize,
maybe just for a second, that that girl is you. And this is enough to
make you happy, just like it makes me happy, a chance to see that
Magical girl. You.

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