Daily Archives: June 14, 2002


Ventura: Anyway, the reason you're with this certain person, this certain lover, is not about love, or at least it's not about “having a good relationship”. You're with this person because your soul is hungry for them, your soul is seeking something with or through them, and it will insist on what it wants. It doesn't care what price YOU… Read more →


Hilman: the thing is that two people do go to love for safety, safety for their vulnerability. Both people want to be vulnerable, but as long as you're open and vulnerable nothing is safe. They want safety for their vulnerability, but because of their vulnerability they can't be safe. Read more →


Squeeze onto wet pouf, work into a rich, creamy lather, then rinse. Damn these instructions made me laugh hysterically. I read them while taking a bath. Then I blew bubbles underwater for about 30 minutes. My, was it enjoyable. I was completely absorbed in the sounds, the water, the vibrations, the breath…. Then I started thinking how, if someone could… Read more →