Bachelor #8/ date 1

He tells me he is an editor too. I think he might enjoy a fireside chat with editor Ralph Winters,+Ralph+E.. During his talk I can see that my date is having a hard time not commenting. I am a bit uncomfortable because I am sitting with my contemporaries and feeling that I should be respectful. As we are leaving he confides in me: it was very difficult for him to keep his mouth shut because he has edited a lot and had some comments. When we get to the sushi restaurant I ask him about his editing. Turns out he is a porn editor. I shoulda known. Of course. Now I am even more glad that he did not comment. He is also a filmaker and the work he has done is impressive. He has a good sense of humor and an extensive knowledge of film.
We had sushi and it was good. He had some pretty amazing stories including getting stabbed in the back by his neighbor with a kitchen knife. I think she was getting the devil out of him.

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