make me laugh and I will spit on you

Last night I went out. No, it wasn't a date, no really it wasn't. But this guy has it goin' on and can vouch for that. We love him. Anyway, We went out for sushi at an amazing and secret place. I realized then, that I would be marrying a crab handroll. Anyway, this gentlemen had been doing a little dating and he told me a story that made me spit suchi and sake all over the place. It went like this….

Met a gal through a friend, they went out for dinner, it was like Friday or something.
They ended up kissing, he kind of liked her, she kind of liked him. He told her he was going out of town, which was a lie, sort of, and he would call her on Sunday. Well, he wasn't really going “out of town” he was going to a rave at about 3am. He didn't leave the rave till about 10am on Sunday and then he was in no condition to call. How could he tell her this though? Anyway, he started a job on Monday and didn't call and didn't call,
(By the way, this is bad D, if you are reading this)
I think he called her on Thursday, and she was PISSED. He couldn't get through to her, so he just said “look, I know I fucked up, call me if you want together”, so she calls and invites him over for dinner. He even foregoes a bachelor party, and then she is just totally cold and bitter towards him. Finally he asks “is there a problem?” this provokes an atavistic tirade of screaming and tears. “you are all the same blah blah blah…!!!!!” as he was trying to make his get away, her large brother arrives and sees his sister all crying and hysterical and joins in. He even follows him out to his car, just to not break the rhythm of the rampage. My friend thinks he is going to get his ass kicked and all he can say is that “I didn't even sleep with her, really I didn't”

Then he had to clean all the sushi I spit on him off of his shirt.

Dating ROCKS

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