Eligible bachelor #3, date 7

We are oddly comfortable and formal at the same time.
We go to lunch and a cactus store. He is feeling ill and bad in general.
I am sensing an effort to keep me at arms length and I do not understand, I am worried that any natural sign of affection will be unwanted or misinterpreted.

There are so many amazing plants. I imagine that I am responsible for them all.
They will take so much care, don't these plants know that I feel negligent enough with the plants I already have? Don't they understand that even while not working I still do not have time to do all the things that I want. Get away plants!!! You can not come home with me, I will not take care of you!

Ok. Just a few of you little ones, but you must agree not to die on me and I am only watering you once a week.

At the end of our outing bachelor #3 seems to need nothing more in the world then to get away from me as quickly as possible. I am confused, am I frightening?, repugnant?, or just overwhelming?

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