Eligible bachelor #6, 3rd encounter

May 30th

I am out with friends, doing karoake I know that EB#6 lives very near, it would be so fun if he were here. I call him and he comes. I do hope that my carpenter' s duet, “Close to you”, will be over before he comes, but as it happens he arrives about two and a half minutes before the excruciating event. We flirt like mad. I generally suck at flirting but can follow a lead, and he is leading. It is fun. He gets along with my friends and holds my hand under the table. It is feeling like a wild night and
MG is in the house and well as , and . MG is singing the most obscure 80's songs and it is amazing. Pivovision and I sing KC and the sunshine “Get down tonight” It is all fun and exceptionally highschool, especially when the moth convinces me to throw proverbial rocks at bach#6's window at about 3 am. Really not a good plan on a school night when some people have to work. I am rebuffed and it is good thing, because right as it begins I panic and think what will I do if he says yes? I mean, the moth will not be there the whole time egging me on.

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