Suckas from New York

Harrison and I arrive at our “resort” at about 7 in the evening. It consists of a parking lot with a pool in the center of it …. I see his face, his vacation flash before his eyes.
In shock we go to check in, I am on auto-pilot, “where is the fitness room?” and the women behind the desk says, “oh that, it is not finished yet, pause, I think there is a gold's gym down the street”. We had been sucked in by the photos on the website, which did not include the parking lot or the busy street that was only steps away from the pool. If it was good enough for the brat pack ,we thought, it would be good enough for us.

Forget being waited on hand and foot.

I go outside to secure a different place to stay while Harrison argues with them,
“This is not a resort it is a motor lodge! And there are families here”
In his blind rage Harrison shouted “I bet no one famous has ever stayed here!”

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